Sunday, July 29, 2007

Dow, How? A New Friend and DP Landslide Victory

The Bancroft family is still divided between for and against the Murdoch offer.

I met Miss A this afternoon for lunch. She paid for me. I’d never met her before but she definitely tried to help me find a position even by introducing me one of her friends, a head hunter. After all, I found the DJ position on my own, but to me it was something so important to see her and say thanks and also best wishes to her because she’s too started a new job recently.

A landslide win for the Democratic Party. I believe that this result will only stymie the necessary reforms. Certainly, there are bright young members in the DP, who can talk about policies, not politics, but its structure is not stable, consisting of people from former Socialists to extreme right wingers. Is the DP better than the LDP plus Komeito? It is a hard question to answer… I sincerely expect those smart young DP members to mix with their LDP counterparts, if necessary, to form a new party.


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