Sunday, December 30, 2007

"The Singapore Story"

Two nights ago, I stared “The Singapore Story,” which I bought rather many years ago but toward which I had not felt very strong, to say the least. Only after a few pages of the book, we can look into the man’s mindset.

“We played with fighting kites, tops, marbles and even fighting fish. These games nurtured a fighting spirit and the will to win. I do not know whether they prepared me for the fight I was to have later in politics.” (p. 32)

“Had [his mother] been born one generation later and continued her education beyond secondary school, she could easily have become an effective business executive.” (p. 34)

A fighting spirit learned from those boys’ games and its connection to his later political struggle and an allusion to a “business executive”… It demonstrates how radically different he is from me and vice versa. My own life has no place for fight or competition and a strong drive toward business, i.e. creating material wealth.

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