Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Incoherent Short Stories

Xmas holiday is over. Nothing to do with me though a few people very kindly sent me well-wishing messages to my phone.

In bed for more than 20 hours. A few incoherent short stories.

A scene of downtown Kyoto seen from a high building or airplane. The meteorologist was saying, “Now in Kyoto, the visibility is only one meter.” The city was covered with fog, but it seemed to me the visibility was not so bad.

I found many not-so-large cardboard boxes and a few tin containers in front of the family’s Kyoto house. Tin containers for storing off-season clothes people were using before plastic ones appeared. Apparently the day of moving. Mother and brother were ready to go. But I had not been told about moving at all…

And music was sounding in my head… one of the pieces my neighbor often practices.


A cheap Ho Chi Minh hotel I tried to book though a website is full during my visit. Not convinced, I tried another website and am now waiting the reply. An interesting thing is that different websites list different rates for the same one hotel.

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