Thursday, December 06, 2007

30-Day Grace Period

No medication refill today.

I expected no problem at all at the checkpoint on this side. When my turn came after standing in a long line of visitors, I was “invited” by the young officer into his box and asked to sit on the chair next to him and wait. After about five minutes, an Indian officer came and escorted me into that room I know well of.

A Malay female officer explained that I could not continue entry by land “forever. And next time, you must fly out to Japan once.” “But officer, I don’t have a family to go back to in Japan.” “Even distant relatives?” “Distant relatives are all distant. Does it have to be Japan (I must fly to)?” She didn’t give me a clear answer. This time, she gave me a 30-day stamp anyway. I may have chosen the wrong line… My home country is not home. But they don’t understand it and consider individual cases. A grace period of 30 days. What shall I do?

The only thing that was nice today was that I managed to advance “Orientalism” to as far as page 288.

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