Tuesday, October 23, 2007

So She "Confessed" Her Parents are Korean?

アル女優ガ日本ノテレビ番組デ、「両親ガ韓国人デアルコトヲ告白シタ」ト書カレテイルノヲ、日本語版「Wikipedia」デ偶然見ツケタ。「告白スル」ニハ、ソノ事実ヲ秘密ニシテオクベキト言ウ示唆ガアリ、アタカモ両親ガ韓国人デアルコトヲ秘匿シテ当然ト言ワンバカリ。欧米メディアデハ、「She confessed that she is homosexual」ナドト言ウ文章ハアリ得ナイ。タダ、「She said that she is homosexual」ト書クダケ。

Finally… I managed to visit the clinic and also settled the bill for the Mt. E. sessions there.

After “The Final Days,” I immediately started “Orientalism” by Edward W. Said. Ahhhh… this is a hard one to read. I don’t remember if I have ever encountered words like “jejune” and “veridic” (=veridical) before. Both are very nice words!!

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