Friday, October 19, 2007

Dishonest Man That I am

It takes more than five hours for me to fall asleep, with three tablets of Epilim. Should I divert my attention from all or try to face it straight? I NEED HELP! It is the saddest thing that I can’t be honest with my family about what is happening to me. But so what? It has been this way for so so many years…

Tomorrow, I need to refill Cymbalta and Xanax and to talk to the doctor to rearrange or cancel the remaining ECT session.

In August 1974, Richard M. Nixon was having trouble to accept the inevitable, impeachment by the House and probable conviction by the Senate. With a tape recorded in June 23 1972 (only a week after the Watergate break-in) that strongly implies that Nixon was involved in the cover-up of Watergate from the very early stage, those close to him, perhaps the only exception of his daughter, Julie, were aware that his presidency was over.

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