Sunday, October 28, 2007

Cheerful Me

Friday night, Q bought me a conveyor sushi dinner. Tai (鯛) was completely dry and not even presentable. But I ate them anyway. I’m usually happy as far as I can have anago (穴子). Then you don’t have to spend so much to make me happy!

After we left the restaurant, she asked me where I was going. I said “Kinokuniya bookstore and then go home.” Well, I did go to the bookstore but didn’t go straight home. (Unintentionally I lied to her.) I dropped by CC for the first time in a few weeks. I found two different groups with rather many familiar faces there. I first joined one of the two (because there was no chair for me in the other group) while shouting, “Happily retrenched!!”

There were four or five women in the group too whom I didn’t recognize. But then one of them, looking at me, called my name. “Ha? Have we met before?” She said yes. She also said, “He is cheerful.” Me, cheerful??? I must have been drunk when I met her. I’m still not sure who she is. She is probably the only person who calls me cheerful in the whole world.

Later I joined the second group and had a nice time with them. A man in the first group came over to me when he was leaving and said, “Better things will happen to you.” I really appreciate it.

The only thing I want to hear is: “don’t worry.” (Even better if “I love you” is added.) My history is one of worries. My back has been to the wall and the wall doesn’t have any cushion. This is certainly an interesting life, if seen by a spectator.

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