Saturday, October 29, 2016

Why Is CashPlus Still with Me?

A few days ago (was it only yesterday?), I received a “CashPlus Statement.” Haven’t I cancelled this CashPlus card? “Cancel” is a word the operator used while we talked. He also said, CashPlus and UOB One credit card are “different entities,” meaning cancelling one does not affect the other. Why is this CashPlus card still with me? All this reminds me of the Wells Fargo way of business.


Alcohol intake record:

October 29 (Sat.): red wine

Friday, October 28, 2016

Singaporeans and "Whereby"

Yesterday, I talked to a young Singaporean engineer in an interview wherein I worked as the interpreter, and he said “whereby” once when he answered. He, a university graduate, is the third Singaporean I’ve met who said “whereby” in these few years, and every one of these occasions was rather formal or they were situations wherein they must have been feeling a bit nervous. And in every case, the use of “whereby” was grammatically wrong. It seems to me that they used “whereby” in a place in a sentence where “in which,” “wherein” or “where” should have been justified, but not “whereby.” I wonder if this is because of their school education in which they learned this wrong use of “whereby.” And I’ve probably never had an occasion on which a Singaporean talked in a sentence wherein other relative adverbs were used.


Alcohol intake record:

October 20 (Thu.): red wine

October 21 (Fri.): Saigon beer, 333 x 3

October 22 (Sat.): 333 x 4

October 23 (Sun.): 333 x 5, Smirnoff “ice” cocktail x 2

October 24 (Mon.) – 28 (Fri.): red wine

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

This Failed Trip Is Over

Back in Singapore tonight (24th). Feeling better back here irritates me.


Day 4 in Saigon


About a quarter to noon, I went down (only one floor down) to the reception counter and said, “I’m leaving,” passing the card key to the guy for checking out. He said (probably), “I’m keeping the key for you.” Not understanding what he meant, I simply left the hotel. After a few moments, I realized the guy misunderstood “I’m leaving.” I should have paid for the room service meal of steam rice and pork rib.


Not knowing what to do before going to the airport, I spent about an hour on a Nguyen Hue bench. Finally standing up, I went into the same restaurant of Royal Saigon where I had lunch of asparagus and crab soup and spring rolls. I took a seat outside and ordered a cup of “weasel coffee,” but soon regretted when so many mosquitoes started attacking me. I went inside and was there until around 3:30, when I took a Vinasun taxi to the airport.