Monday, October 23, 2006

I Should Kick My Ass

気分は悪くないけど、どうもおかしい。熱があった1週間ほど、抗うつ剤を飲まなかったので、そのせいかもしれない。仕事に行けなかったりする自分がホントに腹立たしい。I should kick my ass.

Q does not seem to understand the kind of relationship we are somehow maintaining. This current relationship is totally different from what it was. We have had a few discussions over this. But she STILL doesn’t get it… Whomever I see and whomever I mingle with are all my privacy and I must protect it. The very basic is she is the owner of the unit and I the tenant, no more and no less. I seriously doubt her span of memory. I do not want to repeat those unhappy, uncomfortable talks.

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