Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dreadful Word, "Deadline"

The mission to the bank has been accomplished. Then I can pay myself for December. This afternoon, one job has been confirmed and I started working on it. Contract documents… totally boring stuff. But lots of it. And the rate is very low. Who created the word, “deadline”? Such a dreadful word.

Again, on the way from the bank, I dropped by that Onitsuka Tiger shop this time to have the pair I got yesterday exchanged with one of a one size smaller. Tonight I went out wearing it to pay a phone bill and buy a six-pack. My soles already hurt. The one I bought yesterday was creating a lot of gap between my toes and the tips. Shoes “grow” to the shape of one’s feet. I hope I just have to wear the pair for a week or so. I believe the shape of my feet has changed because of my continuous use of sandals. I need a new pair of cheap sandals too.

As soon as I finished “All Art Is Propaganda,” I started “1984,” which I read soooooooooooo many years ago. It was definitely before I left Japan for my graduate study in the US. Proceeding with the book, I’ve been feeling some uneasiness because the atmosphere it creates is quite similar to what I’ve experienced in where? I won’t say. “Newspeak,” “doublethink,” “thought police,” even “facecrime.” It seems many people adopt Julia’s attitude, that is, while she hates the Party, as far as things do not affect her personally, she does not care. She is rather an active supporter of the Party on the surface.

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