Thursday, December 11, 2008

New Net Connection Contract

I, with Miss Q, visited the nearby StarHub shop where the original connection contract had been signed. The purpose was to transfer the contract to me from her (she signed the original because my EP would expire in less than six months, which was the minimum length required) and to get a faster connection. The woman tending the place told us the place was now only for mobile phones and suggested that we go to Plaza Singapura or Vivo City.

She preferred Plaza Singapura while insisting that it should be nearer by using the free shuttle bus. But I thought Habourfront is nearer as it is only two MRT stations away. Her point seemed more about the “free” shuttle than the time or distance. I didn’t want to wait for the shuttle that would come in no time or never. In half an hour, we would already be at Vivo.

There, we found out that the “tied-up” contract period was already over. Also, the girl at the counter told me that a slower speed might be because of my 5-year old modem. Miss Q said, “Why didn’t you suspect the modem?” I decided to ask her to terminate the original contract and sign a new contract under my name.

This presumably faster, and cheaper, connection with this new contract is showing only a small improvement so far. “Connection Interrupted” still appears. I doubt it gets any better.

Meanwhile, Miss Q asked and pushed me about my apartment hunt with her usual accusatory tone. I had to say to her, “Why do you talk to me all in CAPITAL LETTERS?” She made me feel like a very small and lazy person.

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Anonymous said...

Starhub has been having this problem since early Dec. Unfortunately every time someone complains, SH blames it on the person's modem or router instead.