Friday, November 23, 2007

My Printer Given by the Late Mr. F

I went to the computer shop at TB Plaza to buy ink cartridges for my EPSON printer and a 2GB memory stick. To prepare materials for Japanese lessons, I decided to set up the printer, which has been sleeping in the storeroom since I moved to this KTP flat. The printer was given by the late Mr. F some years back.

Basically, it takes only a USB cable to set up the printer, but to print a page, an error message appeared again and again and again… It took me more than a few hours to solve the problem. It was a problem of the port the printer is connected to.

By teaching or simply talking about the Japanese language, I can relearn it and it surely reminds me that I’m Japanese.




More than 200 pages of “Orientalism” are behind me. It may still take another month to read the last page of it…

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