Sunday, November 25, 2007

Early Xmas Gift to Myself

With no prospect of steady income, I know I should not spend. However, staying home day after day, because going out means spending, is becoming too much. Late afternoon yesterday, I had a message from AZ and we decided to meet for dinner. I enjoyed my second encounter with her. Her proposal of Japanese lessons is, I believe, an unexpected positive happening to maintain my tie to the world.

And today, the last day of a 20%-off weekend at Kinokuniya, I bought “Milosevic” by Adam LeBor, “The Temperance Dairy (「さかだち日記」)” by 中島らも and some Japanese learning materials.

Kinokuniya used to have no book about Milosevic as far as I can remember, but today I found three about him and a few about Gorbachev. Fidel Castro’s autobiography was also on sale. It was over $70. I didn’t buy it.

So, yesterday and today, it was quite a case of big spending by my present standard. But let me consider all as an early Christmas gift to myself…

But as happened many times before, I feel kinda miserable on the next day after a pleasant night. It is like “reverse correction” of mental condition.

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