Tuesday, July 26, 2016

MOM Terminated Company's Online Account + Seven Testimonials

Last Saturday, Work Pass division of MOM replied.
The message says, my company’s EP Online account “was terminated due to no active
user.” Who asked MOM to terminate it? What about me working for the company? As
instructed, I re-registered for the account. And “If the application is successful,
you will get a one-time PIN…” If successful? Does it mean it may be unsuccessful?
I can only make an appeal only with the account.
Altogether, I got seven testimonials from clients and those I’ve worked with.
Yesterday morning, in a dream I was back at Company N in Kyoto, feeling really small
there because I re-joined it after quitting in frustration and even anger. Everybody
was working as usual and I was the only one who didn’t know what to do and how to
behave. Worse, A was also in the dream looking for me. Over the years, I’ve seen more
than a few dreams of Company N, always a nightmare.
Alcohol intake record:
July 22 (Fri.) – 25 (Mon.): none

Friday, July 22, 2016

Breathing Difficulty and Stomachache

It turned out I had sent the inquiry not to MOM but to SingPass, which replied me today. “We are sorry to inform
you that we are unable to assist you on this matter. Please contact the relevant agency directly for further
I waited three days only to get this reply. I inquired MOM, and there will be days before they get back to me.
Obstacle after obstacle: though I know I have weeks to deal with this, this has already been mentally so taxing I
even have difficulty breathing and a stomachache.
I think I should start planning for eventual negative consequences. But I have no good idea.
Alcohol intake record:
July 20 (Wed.) – 21 (Thu.): none

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

What is Wrong with EP Online or Am I the One That's Wrong?

Since last night, I contacted two more companies for testimonials, one here and the other in California. Both are willing to help me.

There are very few occasions on which I need to log in to EP Online. But I used it without trouble for two previous renewals, and I could do so as I saw the company name alongside my own name so that I could select either. Now, the company name is gone. I emailed an inquiry to MOM to figure out what had happened. If they have not changed the system, the only thing I can think of is my change of password.

Last night, I tried to buy a postage stamp with the “SAM” payment/stamp vending machine at Thomson Plaza. The screen said “Transaction temporarily not available.” Tonight, I went to the nearby SingPost branch to do the same. “Transaction temporarily not available.”

Alcohol intake record:
July 19 (Tue.): none