Tuesday, May 11, 2010

This Tough Feeling & Those Impossible People

This should have been a happy day for me with a new client introduced and only a small document to finish. Then I received two calls tonight, third and fourth counting from the one on 28th last month, which compelled me to feel like quitting... The first call of today was incredible as it seemed to display the deterioration of her mental capacity. When I corrected her, she was incredulous, deeply confused believing her memories were going. I asked her to check her dairy to see what she had written on the day. After about an hour, the second call came. She did check her dairy and found in an entry exactly what she had believed and told me, wrongly. She blamed the tranquilizer tablets her doc has been prescribing for this hallucinating episode. Nobody can be sure of anything at this moment, but when I imagine the kind of feeling someone close to me should have realizing her mind is not functioning, it’s tough. And my own feeling is one of confusion and fondness.

This afternoon, I was looking for my letters a local paper had published some years ago, not to show my views on anything but somehow to prove how I write, because some pieces of my work were requested. I learned that the paper’s archive keeps its articles only for 30 days. And it ridiculously calls it an archive. Filing is the better word. But I managed to find a letter in whole and a part of another. The other two seem to be forever gone. I found a message board for homosexuals in Singapore that reprinted the whole letter, which was about what I saw at the old Ford Factory. A few people submitted their comments and all of them were rich in an anti-Japanese tone. I can reply in kind. One of the people mentioned that he (she?) would never set foot in any Japanese restaurant. Very fine. Many of those establishments are under non-Japanese management. So you are not avoiding something really Japanese but damaging your country’s business. Very fine, if you want to have absolutely nothing even remotely connected to Japanese in any sense. Do not use water for whatever reason that is recycled using any kind of purifying technology originated in Japan. Do not use any appliance or machinery that contains any part designed and/or manufactured by a Japanese company.Do not believe in your military forces that may include someone who went through training with the SDFJ. Do not go to Takashimaya. Do not feel victorious at Japan’s defeat. Singapore was a COLONY that was still occupied by Japan at the end of the war. What’s happening with the history education HERE?

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