Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Yesterday’s morning and this morning, nightmares again and so tired. Yesterday, there was a baseball tournament, which I was not aware of. All of my classmates were out cheering out own team. But I did not know even any kind of tournament was going on. I was very much ostracized.

This morning, it started off just fine. I was living in the northern part of a city and was visited a bicycle shop. The man who managing the shop very much looked like the guy who in reality has have my hair cut for the past few years. He was repairing a bicycle. I found the man was a grandson of the old man who was managing the same kind of place in my old neighborhood in Kyoto. This old man came into the shop wearing a workman’s cap. I politely greeted him giving my name and telling him that I used to live in that area. Change of the scene. The old man and I were at a restaurant. And I was telling him that as there were many college students staying, there had not been a big property and rent slump here. He agreed. I went on to say that even so, there were more shops and restaurants in the area, specifically a noodle shop. That was when I realized I was sitting at the noodle shop. I told him that the shop used to be across the street. And some more events occurred, like his grandson appeared at the noodle shop.

That was okay compared with what followed. I was meeting my relatives. Maternally side. They know so much more about my family history than I ever have known. I should not go further into the story. In a few days, I will forget what I saw in this dream. SIMPLY, I NEED NICE SLEEP.

Yet again today (30th) , I received a small translation work from Tokyo, which I finished in an hour and sent it back. Also I found a deposit has been made into my corporate account. I managed to pay myself.

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