Monday, May 11, 2009

Japanese "Jackson"

Late afternoon, I went to the clinic by taxi to get yet another prescription. As always, it was nice to talk to the doctor. She has been playing many roles for me. On my way home, I dropped by Isetan in Orchard and then the pharmacy at T.B. Plaza. I visited the same pharmacy to get more Cymbalta last week as last time I left the last prescription there. They didn’t have it! I was asked to get another from the doctor because “you lost it.” No, they lost it. That’s why I went to Bukit Timah today. Something is wrong with the place. One of the pharmacist forgot to order Cymbalta for me. And this time, they misplaced the prescription asking me to go to the doctor again.

Yesterday (or was that the day before?), I found this passage in “The Girl in the Picture.” “An older Japanese man, a cigarette hanging from his mouth, stood under a street lamp in Saigon. It was the AP’s darkroom technician, known as Jackson. He saw the AP van pulling up to the curb and threw his butt to the ground.
“Nicky, what do you have today?”
“My film is very important today.”

The person who developed the film of “The Girl in the Picture” was a Japanese man!! Who is this Japanese “Jackson”?

Ozawa Ichiro, as most people had expected, resigned from the leadership of the opposition Democratic Party. It seems that once again, he demonstrated his brilliant capability as a destroyer not as a builder.

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