Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Israeli Dreams of Land Grabs


During the long flight [to France], Ben-Gurion was immersed in a book by the Byzantine historian Procopius, describing an ancient Jewish kingdom in Yotvat Island – today’s Tiran, in the strait of the same name. Ben-Gurion’s book, Peres thought, revealed his secret dreams. (p. 146)
The Strait of Tiran is located between the Sinai and Arabian peninsulas.

It turned out that Ben-Gurion had already expressed his objection to the Israeli pretext [to draw England and France into the Suez conflict] and now presented to his hosts, instead, a far-fetched plan for the reshaping of the Middle East by redrawing Israel’s boundaries and even wiping Jordan from the map. (p. 147)
Erasing Jordan!

Dayan also demanded that England and France recognize Israel’s right, once the war [with Egypt] was over, to keep certain parts of the Sinai under her control. (p. 151)
This is a land-grab plan by force! What sort of right is Dayan talking about here?

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