Friday, December 23, 2005

Depressed Because I Was Happy. Depressed Because I Was Unhappy

"The Noonday Demon"

Depression can as easily be the consequence of too much that was joyful as of too much that was horrible. (p. 99)

Depression these days is treatable; you take antidepressants like you take radiation for cancer. They sometimes do miraculous things, but none of it is easy and results are inconsistent. (p. 119)

Low choresterol has been linked to depression (p. 138)

Many depressed man are not diagnosed because they tend to deal with feelings of depression not by withdrawing into the silince of despondency, but withdrawing into the noise of violence, substance abuse, or workaholism. Women report twice as much depression as men, but men are four times as likely as to commit suicide as women. Single, divorced, or widowed men have a much higher rate of depression than married men. (p. 178)

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