Saturday, August 03, 2019

A's Return

Last night at CC (I was there because it was F’s anniversary of passing), I heard from Boss that A had come back to Singapore and is working here. Boss himself has not seen A (he learned of his return from another person who had accidentally met him) and it seems A has not contacted any of those people who encouraged, criticized or helped him back then. Even S, a fellow country guy of A who was drinking with his friends at CC last night and one of those who definitely helped him, didn’t know he had come back. He asked me, “how’s A doing?” Or did he pretend he didn’t know?

I’m not angry with A. Not at all. It’s just this cloudy feeling that I have when I consider how miserable he was then and how he disappeared (absolutely no word to his friends) and how he came back this time (absolutely no word to his friends). I don’t even think I’d like to see him now. It’s all up to him to mind his own business. I don’t care. But still, I can't erase this cloudy feeling that we, or at least a few of us who were closest to him, deserve better.

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