Saturday, March 26, 2016

Toughest Work in Years

Last Tuesday, the toughest work in years with super details about drugs that may cause “diffuse lamellar keratitis (DLK),” keratoplasty and so much more. The connection between listening and speaking got often broken leaving me wordless, an unforgivable sin. At the end of the day, one of the managers said to me, “You did a great job.” But as she has no understanding of Japanese, she didn’t really know how terrible I was… She said so probably because I did an okay job the previous Sunday.

Alcohol intake record:
March 16 (Wed.) – 26 (Sat.): none

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

March 6 - 9

On 6th, checked-in at around 17:00. Out for dinner but it was raining. Got a 6 pack, canned food and bento at the nearby supermarket. Found a restaurant where Hainanese chicken rice costs as much as 2,800 yen. Outrageous. Not very cold. On 7th, started work. Almost hot. Spent the day wearing a short-sleeve shirt. On 8th, temperature down. Pretty cold. On 9th, even colder with rain. Trying to get a taxi for Tennozu area, teeth were chattering.

Alcohol intake record:
March 15 (Tue.): none

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Decision by the Prosecutors' Office and I Got Drunk in Tokyo

On 9th, the lawyer emailed me and the attachment said the preliminary investigation had judged that I could file the case to court on the house-purchasing part, but not the school-fee part. It now seems it’s not about money but about jail or no jail for the lady. The lawyer says that she can appeal the decision of the prosecutors’ office. If she does so, that will be her last chance for an out-of-court settlement.

On 10th, the return leg, SQ633, was delayed twice to 18:50. Friday morning, I came back home at around 2:30. My work in Tokyo went more or less smoothly. I really appreciate the welcome they kindly showed to me. During the stay, I drank a lot and even got really drunk.
Alcohol intake record:
Mar. 4 (Fri.): none
Mar. 5 (Sat.): none
Mar. 6 (Sun.): 2 tiny glasses of Chardonnay (on board) and 2 cans (350 ml. each) of beer
Mar. 7 (Mon.): A LOT (beer and shochu)
Mar. 8 (Tue.): A LOT (beer, nihonshu and shochu)
Mar. 9 (Wed.): 2 large glasses of beer and 3 cans of beer
Mar. 10 (Thu): a glass of white wine at Haneda, 2 plastic cups of Chardonnay (on board) and a small bottle (200 ml.) of sparkling wine
Mar. 11 (Fri.): a small bottle (200 ml.) of sparkling wine
Mar. 12 (Sat.) – 14 (Mon.): none