Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Awarded for a S$10,000 Loan? My Case Should Be a BIG SCANDAL!!

A Singaporean woman, 65, has been awarded because she loaned S$10,000 to her maid so she could buy a farmland in her country, the Philippines. Ha!! My case should certainly be a BIG SCANDAL.

Sunday, December 06, 2015

Fall of Print Media?

Having finished The Atlantic and unable to find The Economist, I got TIME yesterday for my passive reading. It’s probably been some 20 years since I last picked up this weekly. Inside, I see a lot of blank white space, large (even full-page) photos and graphics, short articles and 2-column pages with space in between. This seems to show clearly the fall of print media. Perhaps I read much faster now, but it didn’t take even a day to read the issue cover-to-cover. How tough it was to do so years ago. Eventually, this magazine may follow the meandering course Newsweek has taken.

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1 (Tue.): none
2 (Wed.): none
3 (Thu.): none
4 (Fri.): none
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