Saturday, September 28, 2013

Nothing Seems to Be Going Well

Nothing seems to be going well.

Once again, the 3G mobile internet connection has been terrible for the past few weeks. Especially when the signal is GPRS or HSUPA, it is almost completely impossible to access to the internet. I thought about complaining to SingTel for the third time, but why bother? Though they do improve the connection by “resetting” my account after my complaint (whatever “resetting” means), things go back to the familiar bad way only after weeks. There is no reason I should believe otherwise if I complain again. I know SingTel now offers 4G mobile plans. I’m not sure at all of how reliable it is. I shouldn’t expect much of it is how I’m feeling now.

News from home is getting worse. I should be ready for the final emergency.

In the meantime since I returned from Tokyo, I have read “A Burnt-Out Case” and “The Human Factor” and am now reading “The Heart of the Matters.”  Each of these for the third times or fourth, I don’t know.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Last Week

Last Wednesday, I was thinking about going to the EPSC to collect my new EP card and then on to CC for its anniversary.
When I woke up from my afternoon nap, it was almost 4:00 pm, too late to get in the center which closes at 5:00 pm.
At CC, I saw many familiar faces including HIS. HE seemed to avoid me and if so, I understand why. I think I’ve already had enough of HIM. Every time I see HIM or receive an SMS from HIM, I have a strong temptation to ask about his sexual orientation and tell HIM I do not belong to HIS. I don’t care one’s orientation as far as I’m not his target.
I didn’t drink much that day. But my memory is quite blurry perhaps because I was drinking with a stomach which was almost empty and had a funny cocktail offered to me without asking.
What I remember is that I was down almost unconscious somewhere in this neighborhood and trying to get up. I managed to do so but went down again. Luckily I’m still alive. If it had been in the middle of the road, I could’ve easily been killed by a car.
I don’t know how I was able to reach home. When I realized, I was sleeping beside the fridge.
Thursday, not surprisingly I was not feeling well. I stayed home without going to the center again.
And then Friday, I finally visited the center and picked up my new card. Out of the building, I received a call from my Japanese client who gave me bad news. The project got stuck and it had been decided to postpone the next and critical stage another month.
With the payment schedule already altered and a large amount of translation work coming in the mid October and expected to last until December, it is a big scheduling headache to me. I thought about charging a cancellation fee to the Singapore team which is responsible for paying me but I thought twice because I had not received an official PO therefore giving them a reason not accept my request for a fee. I want to get involved with the team as little as I can. I don’t need any lengthy negotiations.
Also on Friday, I received an email from brother informing how mother had been spending time at her new place. Some tears.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Another Visit to EPSC Next Week

I arrived at the EPSC one minute before the appointment time of 5:00 pm. I had to wait for about 15 minutes. I couldn’t collect the card today. I only submitted the completed document and the medical check result. The card can be ready for my collection on 17th. I need to go down there again next week.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Last Sunday at CC and Toilet Repair

Both Miss Chilli Padi and Miss Actress pronounce “prior” as “piror” and “deTERmine” as “DEtermine.”

Last Sunday, I went to CC partly to pass the staff there two bags of snacks I got in Tokyo. Because it was a Formula 1 day, I expected HIM to be there. I could see HIM inside watching the car racing TV program and I intentionally placed myself at the outside counter. After the race ended, HE was standing for a while at the entrance step as if looking for something or someone. I thought HE had left and then HE came to me from behind in a way that seemed hesitant or sneaky. Jobless for a year, HE looked rather sick. Inevitably out talk turned to HIS job search and I was quite impatient listening to HIS story. For the past year, HE says HE has been hoping a HE would be able to find a better-paid position. I told him essentially that HE did not have such a luxury any more. HE was almost in tears, and as HE left CC HE asked me about my marriage plan. It seems that is HIS concern. Give me a break.

And yesterday an old couple came to this place to repair the leaking toilet. The man opened the tank cover and said holding the flush valve, “Spoiled. Change.” No way. Water was seeping out of the bottom of the toilet bowl and the valve had nothing to do with the problem. As soon as I said so, he gave up cheating me. Then it was a major operation as the man moved the whole bowl away from the joint. Literally shitty work. He used a few tools but basically it was bare-hand work.   

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Interpretation Work in Tokyo and EP Renewal

I came back to Singapore late afternoon of last Saturday.

I felt so cold at first on the return SQ flight as SIA is notoriously known and then started so hot. My flying experience is always bad.

In Tokyo, I went through fabulous and also ridiculous moments. I really enjoyed working with people from Santa Ana. I appreciate their appreciation they expressed for my work. But the Singapore team was a completely different story. To begin with, I hate hearing their discordant accent and rule-breaking way of speaking.

Miss Chilli Padi was very loud and going supersonic, banging on my head with her voice. Despite my begging to provide me background information and go to slower, she still seemed to believe that she only had to sit me in the room and everything would be fine. It was just like the meeting they had last October. Then, at the beginning of the meeting, she told me to give me time to translate. She never did. Once she started, she was talking nonstop. This time, on the last day in particular, she went super supersonic and ended the day quickly after lunch, allowing her and her colleagues to have time for yet another chance of shopping in Tokyo. The voice of Miss Actress was metallic, especially when she says “be” of “because,” and piercing into my brain. Both of them have only sloppy knowledge of English grammar.

I really wonder if they ever look at their way of speaking and realize they should show more respect to the language. It’s unbelievably funny to know that some people here are even proud of their style English, which does not sound and work as it should to be accepted internationally.

Good news was that on 23rd I found the Ministry had accepted my appeal for EP renewal. Yesterday, I went to Thomson Medical Center for HIV blood test. Thursday, I’ll bring the result, which is available tomorrow, to the EP Center to get my new EP card.