Monday, June 16, 2008

Having been Busy... (Even I Can be Busy Sometimes)

No blog entry for many days, having not had enough time. And this afternoon, I went out for a meeting with someone. I arrived at the appointed time at the wrong place… His organization had moved to a different location a few months ago. I even checked his website to be sure the location. Apparently the site hasn’t been updated.

These days, I’m having insomnia again, perhaps because of the heat. My hair and forehead become all wet with sweat. And when the brain should be going into its “oyasumi” mode, topics and sentences sometimes start rushing into it. At those times, it even occurs to me that I should get out of bed and start typing. Those ideas usually disappear by the time I wake up, or as soon as I got up.

I’ve been busy but proceeding with “The Bolivian Diary” of Che Guevara. I’ve already finished reading his diary part and now am reading the memoirs of one of the guerrilla members (Inti), “My Campaign with Che.”

Guevara’s first contact was of course peasants, the most exploited. That makes me think about those Japanese “radical” people in the late 1960s and 70s. Some of those were involved in the struggle against the construction/expansion of the Narita Airport. People against the airport were farmers. I wonder if radicals joined hands with farmers, at least partly because of their knowledge or admiration for Che.

(Photo: dusk, June 13)

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