Thursday, May 24, 2007

Ludicrous Gay Talks

The Minister of State for Education, Lui Tuck Yew, says that “he does not subscribe to the theory that [homosexuality] is a ‘medical condition’,” TODAY reported yesterday. Of course it is not a medical condition! The article then adds his comment, “Do you excuse paedophiles or psychopaths because of a medical condition?”

It is merely wrong to talk about homosexuality from the medical point as if it were a trait to be corrected by treatment. And it is also wrong to compare gays to paedophiles or psychopaths.

Lui says, “I’m not ready to move, and I don’t think a major section of society is ready to move [to legalize homosexual acts].” This government has rarely been populist. When it believes a certain policy is right, it pushes it through whatever the population says. If it thinks it is unacceptable to discriminate gays or any minority in society for that matter, it can easily amend the law, educating people along the way. Such a disappointment.

“The Heart of the Matter” is a different sort from other pieces by Greene I have read. With his wife in South Africa, Henry Scobie, a Catholic policeman stationed in an African colony, starts an affair with Helen, a 19-years-old who survived a drift for 40 days. His wife unexpectedly returns to him and Scobie torments over how he can keep both women happy. Catholicism is here and there in his works, but it is beyond my capacity to understand how deeply it seeps into believers.

No news from the company. I may be a fool having been waiting for any reply this long. My psycho is uncomfortably wobbling with anxiety, irritation, insecurity. I may e-mail the HR person of a friendly manner and nice smile again. But that should be the last.

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