Saturday, April 07, 2007

"Instead" Shopping

HMV had none of the DVDs I’m interested in; “Tragedy in the Holy Land” (2001), “Rana’s Wedding” (2002) and “Gaza Strip” (2002). Instead, I bought “An Inconvenient Truth” of Al Gore, which I must see anyway. Nor does Kinokuniya have any of the three books I had in mind, all about Okinawa. I bought Greene’s “The Human Factor” and Styron’s “Sophie’s Choice.” I don’t want to think I spent unnecessarily on “instead” things. These are for my intellectual wellbeing.

I’m feeling so much better. One reason is certainly a phone call from an old friend, BC, I received yesterday. He asked me if I would take on a 40-page translation work. Yes! He told me that he had thought about passing it to ARN but turned to me, who he believes should be more reliable. Thank you, BC.

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