Friday, April 20, 2007

Books Keep Me Alive and a Huge Contretemps

I sometimes think I will try to continue to live until I finish all the books I have here but haven’t opened yet. Without my active reading, I would be long gone…

… And then, I buy new books, as a result, prolonging my life.

Last night (actually early morning today), I started “Ko-jin (行人)” by Natsume Soseki (夏目漱石). I wish I had kimono of his period. So cool!

Miss Q came. She does not know what sort of life I’ve been leading these days, id est, at what time with great effort I managed to sleep, what books I’m reading (she has never shown any interest in my books), in what state of mind I’m finding myself, etc. Even when I’m sleeping finally, she talks to me in a loud voice, making my face grimace… Her coming only disrupts my life – a huge contretemps. Though her actions seem well-intentioned, they are terribly executed.

Tonight, back from JB, I found a new hand soap bottle in the bathroom. Thanks, but the last one was not empty yet. It is beyond my comprehension that she buys new things before old ones have not been used up. It is just the same about toothpaste. I find a beauty when no paste comes out from whichever way I squeeze a tube. This kind of her behaviour never stops and it has happened in countless times. She can never be an archaeologist or an antique appraiser. When I was thinking about moving out of this island, the first thing she uttered was how to sell my DVDs. In the past, she’s also mentioned more than a few times selling my books for money. To me, these comments are tantamount to slicing off my flesh. Please, Miss Q. Am I being too prudish?

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