Sunday, April 28, 2019

Two Japanese Correspondents Learning the Resignation of Nguyen Van Thieu

1975年4月21日、グエン・バン・チュー(Nguyen Van Thieu)大統領の辞任会見。牧久は「サイゴンの火焔樹:もうひとつのベトナム戦争」で「(日本経済新聞)支局内では真ん中にテレビを置き、タイプライターを前にした(支局助手兼通訳の)トアン氏がその前に座り、大統領演説を英文で逐語訳をしていく体制を整える」と書いている(79ページ)。



Monday, April 22, 2019

Japanese Journalists Nowhere To Be Seen - Again

Tonight, I finished reading The Spy Who Loved Us by Thomas A. Bass. Again, there is absolutely no mention about any of Japanese journalists stationed in Sai Gon. And Kondo never mentioned, in his writings as far as I know, the coffee shop which was an information exchange place of reporters, Givral, or Pham Xuan An. It seems that Japanese correspondents were spending their time, while doing their jobs, quite apart from those from the U.S.

My work schedule roller-coastered today. This morning, I was supposed to attend a meeting between the procurement manager and CEO. When I arrived at the office, I was told that there would be a “pre-board meeting” where the board members would prepare what to say and how to say it to the chairman and president of the parent company at the board meeting scheduled tomorrow. The original meeting was pushed down to 4:30 pm and then cancelled. It was rescheduled to tomorrow morning and then pushed down to 3:30 pm. I also was requested to be at the Senai factory tomorrow and the day after. Eventually we settled for me to leave Singapore at 11:00 am for Senai tomorrow. Forget about the meeting between the manager and CEO.