Thursday, January 03, 2019

Review of 2017-18 and Prospect for 2018-19

No update for a long time probably because there has not been much to write about. In 2018, I entered Malaysia (Johor) 19 times as my interpretation work for this particular client continued. And this will continue some more this year. I had to make some sacrifices by turning down requests from others because this work is my priority, materially and mentally. If allowed, I would like to see the end of this project or at least see the day when the automation line starts running without a hitch. The line for which I got engaged to begin with. The line that has been almost sleeping for a year.

The year 2017-18 was exceptionally profitable, thanks to two huge translation projects, which were certainly tough to finish, and the interpretation work, which came every month. My company needs to pay corporate tax for the first time even though my “own” company has made a small profit every year except in 2014-15 because of the amount the predecessor company lost during its existence.

The year 2018-19 will not be so fortunate. I should expect to lose some money, and a fortunate thing is that because of the profit of 2017-18, the company can afford to lose some. And the truth is that I do not want to commit myself to the business of the company much more. I even feel I’ve done enough. Who could have imagined this company would survive more than ten years?

No news about the Filipina thief.