Saturday, August 19, 2017

Additional Documents Submitted

Tonight (18th), I submitted the additional documents requested by MOM. I also gave them those testimonials I had got from clients though the ministry may just ignore them, along with the recent invoices and letters of intent NOT from local companies, which they didn't request me to provide.
I could have submitted the documents a day earlier if the SingPost man had come to the door to pass me a contract sent by registered mail, which certainly should be included among the documents. (I went to SingPost's Upp Thomson branch in the neighborhood to collect it and spent more than an hour to scan and convert each one of the pages today.)
My largest concern is that my company has not paid any income tax before. as shown in the corporate tax assessments submitted. But this is because of the big loss made by the predecessor IT company year after year. My own company lost money only in one financial year in its existence.
Now, I think I did all I could do and am even relaxed somehow, having sent all those pages of the documents to MOM.
If the decision by the ministry is still negative despite all of these efforts of mine, I'll really have to get ready to pack up and leave. In any case, I don't think I have much love toward this country.

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