Thursday, June 30, 2016

Renewal Application Posted on Tuesday

Last Monday, I didn’t send the EP renewal application because I got out of bed only late afternoon as often happens these days. But on Tuesday I got up after only a few hours of sleep. I decided to go to SMBC to deposit two checks and dropped the application into the mailbox at Suntec Singpost branch. There is nothing I can do until I receive the first reply, which is likely to be negative. I also need to renew my passport. I’ve already filled out the form. But that can wait.

Alcohol intake record:
June 27 (Mon.) – 29 (Wed.): none

Monday, June 27, 2016

So Impossibly Far from Where I Should Be: I NEED HELP

A few weeks ago I noticed water was seeping out from the base of the toilet. I was happening again. I could’ve brought this to the attention of my landlord and/or his agent and had them arrange repair work. But instead I sealed the base with silicone as a stopgap measure. And tonight water was coming out again. Not surprising at all as water is a gap-finding expert.  I will let the water keep coming out. It should be better and safer. And I don’t want anything that disrupt my days.

Also tonight, I prepared the EP renewal form. I will try to bring it to the nearby post office tomorrow (Monday). Filing out the form, my mind was going deep down, thinking that this would likely begin a process of disapproval and appeal(s). And if no appeal convinces MOM, what shall I do? I don’t know where to turn for help.

So mentally tired, I skipped today’s exercise.

For more than a year, I’ve never had even a day of happiness and relaxation. My mind is a huge mass of resentment and contempt. No money back, no arrest made. That idiot never stops disappointing me. I often think at my age now things must be all secured and I’m so impossibly far from where I should be. I NEED HELP, REALLY.

Alcohol intake record:
June 18 (Sat.) – 26 (Sun.): none

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Feeling Down over EP Renewal Prospect

I know I need to renew my EP. Last time, three years ago, it was quite easy to submit my renewal application online. Then for the past few days, I tried to do the same and now it seems it is not possible as I found out tonight, for using the MOM’s online services, a “business owner/employer” cannot be an EP holder. Which means I have to submit my application by mail. This may not be a big deal, but every little inconvenience like this stresses me, especially because I am almost certain it will be rejected and I’ll have to make an appeal. This is exactly what happened last time. But obtaining an EP, new or renewed, seems to have become quite tough, as can be seen, not least, in that an EP holder is not allowed to use the online services as a business owner/employer. I may get kicked out of this country this time. Well, it’s ironic because last year I once decided to leave here and had to make a traumatic U-turn. Do I have energy to apply for a PR status again to avoid this kind of inconvenience in the future? I don’t think so.

Alcohol intake record:
June 17 (Fri.) – 22 (Wed.): none