Wednesday, April 20, 2016

"She Is in Hiding" and Terrible Singtel Internet Connection

Having become inpatient again with receiving no update after the message about the arrest warrant on April 1, I sent an email to the lawyer last Monday, to which he replied, “No court notice yet. [She] called us [to say that she would pay up in two to three years].” He didn’t say when the conversation occurred.
I then asked what was taking the police so long to arrest her. His reply of Tuesday said, “She is in hiding.” Police went to her place and didn’t find her there. The lady never stops giving me trouble, and my mind has been filled with thick fog. I know her arrest will not clear it, but she must face justice. Did she manage to leave her country realizing that her arrest was imminent? If so, where to? It may be Hong Kong where her mother lives or Singapore. Ridiculous.

Singtel started a supposedly much faster internet connection plan because they were going to discontinue my old one. They switched my connection to the new one at the end of March. For the past few days, connection has been unbelievably terrible with the “server not found” message on many web pages, wasting my time.

Cracking helps ease the discomfort of my left wrist. But strictly no pushups. And the right index finger looks still funny. Pain in finger joints. Right index and middle fingers bend and extend with some spring latch mechanism.

Southwestern part of Japan was hit by a series of deadly earthquakes.

Business is quiet. Life sucks.

Alcohol intake record:
April 13 (Wed.) – 20 (Wed.): none

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Mother's Ashes Resting at Temple

Mother’s ashes are now resting at an Osaka temple.

Brother brought them there on Monday last week, but I learned it only yesterday when I read an email he had sent me the previous night. I'm wondering why I was not asked if I would be available for the important occasion (I wasn’t because it was the day when I had to go to Sentosa). All the same, I’m feeling how unimportant I have become.
During those years I was not really in touch, a lot must have been happening over there, and it seems to have created a family world wherein I’m not a member.

Alcohol intake record:
April 9 (Sat) – 12 (Tue.): none