Saturday, January 30, 2016

Aging Signals

On (perhaps) December 21, I went yet again to the clinic for my skin condition, which seemed markedly better but still not okay. The doctor’s concern was more with my liver condition and she gave me another box of liver tonic and folic acid tablets. Second blood test in a month.

Last Monday (25th), I had another blood test to see if the values of liver enzymes, uric acid, blood fat got better or worse. The doctor said the result would be out by Friday. She also would like me to have a cancer test. I said yes and thought that it would be something that could be done with the blood test. But I was given a small container at the reception counter for a stool analysis for the test.
I received a call from the clinic the following day, Tuesday, telling me that the blood test result was already ready for a review with the doctor. On Thursday, I managed to collect a shit sample with the help from a few websites and brought it to the clinic, the result of which has yet to be out. I will visit there when the results of both tests are ready.The skin condition shows more improvement, but there seems to be a (I don’t know how long) way to go until it disappears completely.

With the doctor, I also talked about my finger joints because I find it difficult to make tight gripping after I woke up. This was part of the talk about my restarted exercise as I believe this happens because of pull/chin-ups. Then, rather in passing, she mentioned rheumatism. I thought almost nothing of it in the consultation room, but back home, I checked the early symptoms of rheumatism online. I have not only difficulty of gripping but pain in the second joint of both of my middle fingers. This may be an early sign of rheumatism. Next time, I should ask the doctor if the blood test result tells anything about the condition.

For a few days, I’ve been having a pain in my left wrist (thumb side).

Worries about these conditions, a clear signal of aging.

On 22nd, I got an inquiry for a huge volume of work. So huge that I don't even know if I can manage it alone. The client has yet to reply to my quotation. If I secure the work, I’m sure that the current financial year (eight more months to go) will be profitable and it will also recoup the loss I made in the last.

Alcohol intake record:
Dec. 7 (Mon.) – Jan. 30 (Sat.): none