Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Still Fuming Today and Warning to HIM

Yesterday (8th), I started my 15th
year here. I met a friend who spends half of his time here and the other half
in Japan because I had something to ask him to bring back to Japan. After
dinner with him, I alone went on to CC.

There, I saw HIM again. When I met HIM there two weeks ago,
HE was saying that he would go back to HIS country at the end of August. I
thought HE finally had made up HIS mind to start it over and reconstruct HIS
life there.

According to the CC manager, HE is still coming every night
and sleeps in the outside seating area. Some customers had complained about this
sleeping man and HIS odor. The manager also showed me three bags, one of which
is a Takashimaya paper bag, HE had ask CC to keep them in its storage area. She says
one of them is smelly and she doesn’t want to touch them.

Worse, nowadays HE doesn’t order any drink. (HE would order
a glass of tomato juice.) HE brings HIS own bottle of water. Isn’t it a little
too much of HIM to come to a bar every night, order nothing, and make other
customers unhappy. HE even asks the staff to change the TV channel to HIS
favorite one. Man, you’re not a customer anymore. And behaving this way? Isn’t it
a little too much, really?

Last night, HE was sitting with two other guys, whom I’ve
known for some years but I’m not very close to. HE tried to talk to me about a
Japanese tennis player, but I wasn’t interested. Later, I poured out my feeling
about HIM to one of the guys who is from HIS country. I said to him, “My best
friend’s become impossible.” And what the manager had told me. “Your best friend”
is how he describes HIM. It was a big mistake. He glanced at me with an
accusing face and said something like, “He’s been going through tough times and
it can happen to anybody. She is ‘only’ a bar manager and do you believe what she
told you? Now are you complaining about him, blaming him? You hate him? If you
hate him, just ignore him. HE may have an interview with a nice company tomorrow and
become a billionaire.”

I do think this is absolutely unfair to me, and to her (“only”
a bar manager). Probably I, more than anybody else, have given HIM suggestions,
advices, criticism, and encouragement, of course with a great amount of frustration.
I believe I’ve shared enough of his tough times. HE bores and irritates me. Today,
I spent my time fuming about what happened last night. Warning to HIM: CC is
not your living room. Not your bedroom. Nor is it your warehouse.
the CC boss believes that HE has no place to stay at and is wandering around Orchard
area. If it’s really so, we call such a person homeless.