Thursday, April 03, 2014

SMS Exchanges with HIM

On my
previous two occasions at CC (February 28 and March 14), I had met Him there. He’s
been jobless around a year and a half.

Then, SMS
exchanges with Him:

Him: 18:40,
March 26: … possible to meet at cc this week?
Me: 20:07,
March 26: Not sure. Any good news? Unwilling to go orchard only to drink at cc,
Him: 20:24,
March 26: Thank you. No news yet. Pls try to come and let me know. Regards.
Him: 11:25,
March 28: Good day. Please try to come today. Thanks.
Me: 15:46,
March 28: I don’t think I can. Sorry.
Him: 17:10,
March 28: Thank you. Possible to call me?
Me: 19:15, March 28: Whatever for? I’m not your