Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Ministry's Negative Reply

I checked my visa renewal application status and it said “rejected.” The information given for this rejection says, in short, my salary is too low considering my qualification and work experience, therefore it’s unfair for Singaporeans who may be suitable for the same position. I must wonder how many Singaporeans are able to fill my position with the same level of ability.
I tried to make an appeal to the negative decision, but as it often happens with so many things about me, it didn’t go so smoothly. As I was trying to add some explanation and upload the document the Ministry requested, the message “System Error” appeared repeatedly on my PC screen. It took me an hour to submit my appeal. The last time I renewed my visa (three years ago), the Ministry asked me to provide the latest financial statements of the company probably because I was raising my monthly salary by S$300.00. This time, the same Ministry says my salary is too low. Appealing the decision, I increased it by S$400.00.
This coming weekend, I’ll leave for Tokyo again and stay there for three weeks. My hope is that it’ll be possible for me to deal with the Ministry, if it’s necessary, while there. Depressing day, certainly. I’ll keep appealing until the Ministry gives Yes to me.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Schedule Confuses Me

It was only this afternoon (Saturday) that I realized I would stay in Tokyo for three weeks not two. The schedule has been altered a few times and I got confused. Originally it was a week in Singapore and two in Tokyo. Even after the place for the work next week was changed from Singapore to Japan, I had somehow been thinking that I would be to stay in Tokyo only for two weeks with a weekend. This is one of those times when I need someone who manages my schedule.

Monday, August 05, 2013

3D Puzzle to Me

Today I applied for the renewal of my EP which must be renewed by September 2. I don’t know how many days it takes for me to get a response, though the ministry says “80% of all online applications are processed within seven days.” Unfortunately unlike most people, 8th (Thursday) and 9th (Friday) are public holidays here, delaying the process. I truly hope that I can get my new card by August 16. The next day, I must leave for Tokyo. If I receive a notice of approval, assuming that my application will be approved, during my stay in Tokyo, it will cause trouble as they give me only two weeks after the notice to get the card. I’ll be back in Singapore only on September 7. I can still visit Kyoto after the work, but if I do, I would have a wasteful weekend. And I would have to fly back from Narita (it seemed I couldn’t change the departure/destination from Narita to Kansai). I could have submitted my application last week… Somehow, this renewal application and the sudden change of schedule (leaving for Tokyo on 17th not on 26th) didn’t link in my brain.
And the email from brother makes me feel that I should visit my hometown soon. I need to visit local government offices. I tried to arrange my schedule today so that I can visit there before my work starts in Tokyo. A problem is that I would have to take a Shinkansen round trip between Tokyo and Kyoto, and another problem is that I don’t know when I receive a response on my EP renewal from the ministry.
To me, this is already a complicated 3D puzzle. What I can do is forget about visiting Kyoto this time no matter how it troubles me emotionally and pray for an early EP renewal.

Sunday, August 04, 2013

Gas Arrived + Bad News

After all, I contacted another gas supplier last night who delivered a cylinder in 15 minutes.

Friday night, I found a bad-news email from brother which brought my feeling a few notches down.

Saturday, August 03, 2013

Phone Coversations with an LP Gas Supplier

I phoned an LP gas supplier to order a cylinder for the kitchen as the old one was not providing enough fire power. I had big trouble speaking to the guy, who answered my call. He, speaking terrible English (it cannot be called English), said he couldn’t find my address in his map and hung up saying “sorry.” Then someone who I believe is his boss called me only to make me confused further with funny language. But I thought the matter had been settled successfully. Not so. Then I received yet another call. I found that this caller also with funny language got the address wrong. So much for Singapore – English speaking country. I hope he will manage to find here. An hour later from the first call, I’m still waiting.

The delivery man couldn’t find here and simply cancelled my order. Then I have to try again tomorrow through my friend cum landlord. Singapore – English speaking country.