Sunday, July 28, 2013

Fulfiling Week in Tokyo

For money exchange, I only went to Novena Square, not all the way down to Orchard (S$350.50=¥27,000).
It was my first trip to Japan since June 2009. Back in Singapore yesterday as scheduled. And I had a fulfilling week in Tokyo, learning new things myself and meeting those guys I had met here. I'll be back in Tokyo again in a month.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Just as My Life Has Been

Early evening today, I was to go out to the Orchard area to buy some Japanese yen for my trip to Tokyo. But I stopped myself at the last moment. “Surely there is a money changer here probably at Thomson Plaza,” I thought. I quickly checked the Plaza’s website and found one. I went there only to find the place empty with a makeshift shop in front of it manned by a man and a woman selling something that I don’t remember. Anyway I asked at the information counter if there was any money changer. “They are coming back in August” was the answer. This is just as my life has been. Prepared and failed. Tomorrow I go down to Orchard and come back here to prepare for my late evening flight.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

This Afternoon, I Called Nippon Nenkin Kikou


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Pension System and E-Government in Japan: Very Inconvenient




IAN-FU Issue and Hypocrisy


Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Desk. Chair, Cap and Futon

Yesterday, my desk and chair for work arrived. Now I don’t have to use my laptop on the top of my laps.

This afternoon, I went to the nearby post office to pick up a Nankai Hawks cap sent from Japan. I see the N+H mark is slightly different, therefore wrong actually, from the original though the cap seems certified as the official one by the Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB) Organization as the cap has the NPB logo. Just like the New Era version, the mark appears vertically too elongated. I wonder if the design right of the real N+H mark belongs to someone and the right holder is refusing to let anyone else to use it.

Tomorrow, I’ll get my futon and a thin mattress. I’m hoping they provide me easy and happy sleep. I’d better be careful of mold which can grow on the futon. Eight boxes still remain.

Friday, July 05, 2013

I Ordered Futon and Mattress!!

Today, I kicked my own ass very hard to go out to buy a futon and a matching mattress. I went to Marina Square near Esplanade, 13th MRT station from Marymount, which is the nearest from this place. The shop had no stock of the futon and suggested that I go to its ION Orchard branch, which had it, and gave a reservation slip. I walked to City Hall station from the shop for the Red Line to go to Orchard. At City Hall, I had to pass two trains because they were so packed. Finally I found my futon and mattress there to be delivered only on 10th, Wednesday. Until then, I will continue to sleep on the floor. And a bed? Let me forget about it for now. If it is really tough to sleep on futon and mattress, I will think about getting one. But it’s been already more than a week since I moved in and I’ve been sleeping on the floor. So what’s the matter?  Things are getting better slowly and little by little.

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Big Mess Still

I’m still living and sleeping on the living room floor with my laptop on the top of my laps.
A modern swimming-pool-equipped apartment with this stone-age life. I’m wondering if I really need a mattress and a bulky bed. My thinking goes like “I will move again someday. In a year or two or three I don’t know. But think about how much work I have to do for packing again. Do I really need a bed and big bookcases?” I know this sounds ridiculous but this is the thinking I do now. And when I was a kid, it was a floor-based life with low tables, zabuton and futon. It may be interesting to recreate that kind of life here though it seems a small sofa is a must. I know there’s another reason why I’m kinda unwilling to do all-the-way shopping. That’s because I’ve spent much this month already for booking a two-way flight ticket for my work in Tokyo. Well, the expense will be refurbished later by the client. But then… This is a real headache.