Thursday, June 27, 2013

My New Apartment

I moved to my friend’s place yesterday. After all, it was a blind marriage with the place as I couldn’t have a chance to see it in advance. It was because of the trust I have in this friend of mine and the places I had seen were all unspeakably horrible. And this place is certainly an incredible improvement over the Neil Road studio apartment where I had stayed over four years.
For this moving, I must deeply thank another friend of mine for his deploying his car and muscles to move my stuff here. Now, I must think what pieces of furniture I need. I definitely need a desk and a chair for my work. I probably need a sofa and a table to allow me to feel relaxed. And do I need a bed? I know it would be better to have one while I also think that I don’t want to have anything bulky and/or heavy. Is a futon set available here? And bookshelves. At Neil Road, I had three sized about 200 x 80 x 30 cm for my books, magazines, CDs and VDVs. This time I had to dismantle them. All those are still in carton boxes.
Given the amount of energy required for my packing, dismantling work and actual moving, I hesitate to get new shelves because I know I won’t live at this new place forever. When I have to move out again, my thinking goes to how much work must be done. And, without shelves, the boxes would be there, occupying the space where a bed should be. I even think that how it could be possible for me to accumulate this much. A stupid question, I know. I want my books, CDs and VDVs to be with me because they are part of my history. Is the answer to get my own permanent place?
And I learned from the person who showed me the units in Kelantan that the police had raided the building to bust all hookers there. It was a wise decision not to rent a place there.
The company, called Genevieve Management also known as Phil Leasing and which has yet another name, returned the deposit to me but I believe it cheated me on the utility bills, which showed a total amount that was twice more than usual. And the guy who did the inspection of the place was very inept, unable to answer any of my questions. All he was able to do was to say “Ask the office.” I forever remember this management company.

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