Sunday, July 17, 2011

Japanese Soldier of the Present Day

If the man were a Japanese soldier stationed in this part of the world, how would he behave? It does not matter if that is pre-war, during war or post-war.
He, a self-proclaimed patriot (how superficial and vacuous his patriotism seems to be to me is another story), would try to rape as many women, local or otherwise, as he could find, following the disgraceful examples that some of the soldiers of the past left. I cannot be certain as to what lies behind his behaviour. It may stem from his power of spending, a gross demonstration of one’s stupidity. Or it may be because his intrinsic addiction to intercourse.
I’m no t visiting many places these days, and it is few and far between when I visit a few places that are familiar to me. At those places, I hear stories about the man. All unfavourable. He may be happy, but there are people out there who are laughing at him. He should know it, but he may not care. Especially given his profession, which should receive respect, his behaviour appears very risky. This, I have cautioned him a few times. If those stories about his folly actions spread farther, he will lose his position in this small society, which he has been depending upon.