Monday, June 13, 2011

StarHub Threatens "Legal Action" against Me

Today, I received a letter, "FINAL DEMAND NOTICE," dated 10 June, from, as I believe, a debt collector with a Chinatown address, acting on behalf of StarHub.
The letter, printed on a nice salmon pink paper, says:
“This is the final notice on your seriously overdue StarHub account. You have been given many reminders and enough time to pay the overdue amount. Please note that if the payment is not received within 5 working days from the date of this letter, we are proceeding with legal action without reference to you. And all legal costs and additional charges has to be paid in full immediately. Please treat this final demand notice seriously and call us at 62XX-12XX to advise us the payment details.
Yours sincerely
(Signed) Managing Director
I do not want to repeat this utterly ridiculous MaxOnline story. I am hundred percent sure that I am the party that is rather entitled to a compensation because this is over a service that StarHub could not provide me. And I even paid the fee for several months even when I was receiving absolutely no part of the service. Money for nothing! And as for the reminders, yes, I have received a few calls from StarHub persons over the period of about two years, (it seems every time it was a different person) and I had to explain the same thing every time. Some of them told me that they would refer the case to their manager, but I have never received anything from anyone who can be accountable. Okay, I settled the bill tonight with utmost unhappiness and grudge. Are you happy now, StarHub? I am convinced that this is the way you do your business and collect money.

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Anonymous said...

So, did they take any legal action in the end?