Saturday, May 21, 2011

Becoming a Hermit Again

It seems I’m becoming a hermit again. For three weeks, I was out Monday to Friday to see people from a client company, which should be a reason why I feel like staying home – this uncomfortable home. Another, perhaps bigger, reason is that I have been losing my social life. I used to be invited to parties, but no more, though I recently received an official invitation to a film on 27th, presented here for the first time. But this is part of business, rather. Why my social life is disappearing may be because people have forgotten my existence here and because I’m almost intentionally avoiding contacting them, fearing that would bore me to death. With a borrowed DSLR camera, I should go out for some shooting. But what to shoot?

A few days ago, as soon as I finished reading Demons (Беси), I returned to its Foreword and started reading it again. Some weeks ago, I wrote its Part One gathers characters to assemble the story. I still think this is right, but in my second, and more careful, reading, I found out that Liputin, a gossip, described what kind of person Nikolai Vsevolodovich Stravogin is in “Someone Else’s Sins,” later proved correct. Pieces are already falling into place.