Sunday, April 18, 2010

Old Age Worries Give Me a Sleepless Night

Last night, I was looking for a date or a month of some years ago to fill out an application form. Because I could find no record especially as the original doc. files of my diary are no more, I decided to delve into the blog. It took me at least an hour to find it. And while searching it, I had to read some lines of the old entries. I felt ashamed of grammatical errors and bad syntax, but more than that, many of them were cries of desperation and cries for help. I was in the midst of another episode of depression. I don't know if those caused it, but in bed, worries overwhelmed me. Worries about old age. For how many more years can I work? How long can I sustain my business? And how can I save enough money? Saving enough money takes many years and how much of business can I get for how many years? And no amount of money can be enough, to be sure. My head was filled with many big $ signs. And I got out of bed to punch the calculator. How ridiculous. I managed to put myself to sleep after jungle birds started their morning calls.

スポニチ電子版「日めくりプロ野球」に4月13日掲載の「話 が違う…台湾球界の星・高英傑 すったもんだの末に残留」で、「クリス・メイ」の誤記を発見。「カルロス・メイ(Carlos May)」やろ!当時を知らん若者記者が物知り顔で書いたに違いない。 この欄、懐かしい写真が見られてよかったのに、最近は写真掲載がど~んと減ってしまった。

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