Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Death of Nishibe Susumu

On 21th of this month, Nishibe Susumu was found dead.  Apparently, he killed himself by drowning.

He influenced and inspired me indelibly when I was in my 20s to begin thinking about things a little complicated and abstract especially with his work, “The Revolt against the Masses,” which of course was his reply to “The Revolt of the Masses,” authored by Ortega Y Gasset (published in 1929).

I took a day off on December 31. Otherwise, it’s been only “work and me.” I think I’ve done a lot since last September. These long-terms projects will be over, and another period of worries will begin.

Shame on you, Lessie.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Japan Can Demand an Aplogy From Korea over "Sex Slavery"

Yesterday, the government of South Korea announced that it would keep the agreement former President Park had concluded with the Japanese government over the “comfort women.”
In the announcement, however, President Moon still seeks an “apology from the heart” from Japan.
Ha! Then, Japanese-Japanese former comfort women can demand an apology and compensation from Korea for having been subjugated to be "sex slaves" of soldiers of Korean origin.

Where are you, Lessie? I'm looking for you. Shame on you. Are you in Hong Kong now? 

Thursday, January 04, 2018

First Real Job This Year

I did absolutely no work on December 31, but resumed my work on the New Year’s Day. I thought about welcoming the new year at the neighborhood bar. But I just stayed home. 

Today (3rd), I had an interpretation job at the coffee shop at the MBS lobby. It was about a project to set up hospitals in Hanoi, Vietnam, especially of ophthalmology. I met two from J&J Vision, SEA commercial director and APACJ marketing director, and an ophthalmologist visiting here from Japan. It was their first meeting for exploring what they would be able to do work together. I can say that the talk went smoothly.

The SEA director said the administrative division had recommended me as interpreter for this occasion and the surgeon seemed to be satisfied with my work because, as he understands and said to me at the end of the meeting, ophthalmological topics are not easy to deal with for interpreters.

I only accidentally started working with ocular people” 8 or 9 years ago. But today, working for people I’d never met before and about topics I’d never worked on, my experience helped.
Where are you, Lessie? I'm looking for you. Shame on you.