Friday, September 30, 2016

CashPlus Card Cancelled Finally + Idiot Communicable on Whatsapp

Last night, I opened a mailed envelope and found another “CashPlus”
statement from UOB that says I owe them S$180.83 with an
“immediate” due date.
When I received a statement about a month ago, it was S$85.36
with the due date of September 19. After this statement, I called the
call center, 1800 222 2121, with an intention to deactivate this
CashPlus card, which I’d never used before and about which I had
only a vague idea as being a ”loan card.” But the not-very-pleasant-
sounding operator I talked to (I don’t think she is Asian because of
her accent) who answered my call after I pressed more than a few
buttons, starting with “For English, press one” told me that the person
who could deal with the card would come only at 7:00 am. I called
before 6:00 am.
The only thing I remember about this card is that it was sent to me
around when I received my credit card from UOB (perhaps on the same
day in a separate envelope) more than three years ago, and I don’t
even remember when and how I activated it.
I emailed UOB asking them to deactivate the card and I only received a
reply email, saying they needed to talk to me on the phone for security
reasons and asked me to give them a convenient time when they could
give me a call. I have no convenient time to talk to someone from a
bank especially when it is about my complaint.
Last night after I found how much I “owed” them, I sent a second email
and then decided to call the number again (after midnight), the operator
who answered after my pressing more than a few buttons sounded
much nicer. I was super peevish. “No worries,” said he. (< Briton Hadden
style) My CashPlus card has been cancelled and I should find a refund in
14 days. Another problem is gone.
When the police cannot locate the idiot, why can my friend talk to her on
Whatsapp? With such an incompetent police force, there is no wonder
why they got a president, who promotes crime by the state against crimes
by (suspected) individuals. No sense of due diligence. No sense of law in
the first place. That the people elected such a person tells us much about
what sort of country it had been.
Alcohol intake record:
September 28 (Wed.) – 29 (Thu.): red wine

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

New EP Card at Singpost Office and 1st Annerviersary of Mother's Passing

Yesterday (26th), I received my new EP card. But that’s not the end of
the story.
Also yesterday, I went to the nearby Singpost office to collect a check
book for my company which was delivered to me as a registered
article. These days, delivery men do not come to the door. They only
leave a delivery notice in the letter box located outside of the entrance
door of this complex. Sometimes they don’t even do this… I’d collected
a check book at Singpost offices before only by showing my EP card.
This time, showing my brand new EP card was not enough for whatever
reason. They asked for a company stamp on the notice. They close the
office at 18:00 and it was three minutes before that when I came back
home to stamp the notice. I ran back to and arrived at the office just in
I’ve been busy not only with my EP issues but work. It seems I’ve made
money in a month and a half to make enough for three months.
September 27 was the 1st anniversary of mother’s passing. I received
no news. It feels like I’ve become a distant relative of my own mother.
Alcohol intake record:
September 22 (Thu.) – 27 (Tue.): red wine

Thursday, September 22, 2016

This Country Is a Tiny PRC

Singaporeans complain about the manner of people from mainland
China here. They are probably right in doing so. But it used to be
“ugly Americans” and “ugly Japanese.” And production and sales of
chewing gum is still banned in this country because the government
thinks its people spit it out dirtying the streets. Which tells us
something about their own manner. Singapore, an overwhelmingly
Chinese nation with controlled freedom of expression, is a tiny PRC.
Alcohol intake record:
September 21 (Wed.): red wine