Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Another Trip to Japan and Fatty Liver

Attended mother’s 49th-day ceremony on 13th. Got some items she left behind on the previous day. One night on the ground and two in the air.

Yesterday morning, abdominal ultrasound screening at Lucky Plaza. Result out in an hour and a half. Brought it to the Upp. Thomson clinic. Confirmed: I have a fatty liver.

Alcohol intake record:
6 (Fri.): half a bottle of vodka
7 (Sat.): none
8 (Sun.): none
9 (Mon.): none
10 (Tue): none
11 (Wed.): a pint of beer at Changi
12 (Thu.): a few “cups” of Chardonnay on board to Kansai and a 500-ml can of grapefruit “chu-hi” at hotel
13 (Fri.): a few “cups” of Chardonnay on board to Changi
14 (Sat.): none
15 (Sun.): none
16 (Mon.): none
17 (Tue): none

My right index finger still looks funny but with noticeable improvement.

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