Friday, December 05, 2014

Truth about "Sex Slaves": This Sorry Guy's Mother-in-Law Is Director of Anti-Japanese Organization

This New York Times article does not mention at all that the mother-in-law of this guy, Takashi Uemura, is Yang Sun Nim, director of the Association of Pacific War Victims and Families, a forefront anti-Japanese organization in Korea.
“They are using intimidation as a way to deny history,” said Mr. Uemura, who spoke with a pleading urgency and came to an interview in this northern city with stacks of papers to defend himself. “They want to bully us into silence.”

I’m very much interested to know more about his “stack of paper to defend himself.” And “they” are not denying history. They are trying finally to set things right about this comfort women issue. The article is a creation resulted from very shallow historical research. It is only yet another example to misinform the reader about the issue. So, “Recreation and Amusement Association (R.A.A.)” in post-war Japan serving US soldiers? Comfort stations in Korea, based on the Japanese model, established by the father of the current president of the country? Or kids left behind fathered by Korean soldiers in Vietnam?

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