Saturday, January 26, 2013

I Got Really Drunk Last Wednesday

Wednesday afternoon, I went to a hardware shop at VivoCity to buy a shower hose because the joint at the shower head of the old one had gotten broken the previous night. It was a metal joint and had been leaking for some time. When I tried to tighten it by hand, it simply cracked and broke into pieces.

After buying it, I entered the Giant supermarket and noticed a missed call. Why do I miss calls so often?
It was from the boss of those engineers I had worked with. I returned the call and he told me that he was in Singapore and asked me if I would want to see him. Of course I said yes.

It took me about half an hour to reach the lobby of the hotel he was staying at and I found three others, two of whom I’d never met before. They came for a managers and supervisors’ meeting at Tai Seng.

I was very glad to see them especially because, having been under virtual house arrest for my work since before Christmas, I hadn’t really talked to anyone since the beginning of the year.

It turned out that one of them was a graduate of the same university and we talked a lot if only because of the fact. We also talked about the November trip to Milpitas, which I immensely enjoyed.

At about 8:30 pm they went back to the hotel to leave for the airport. Moderately drunk only with beer, I hopped in CC. I didn’t expect find anyone to talk to. Surely enough, I kept drinking alone and started feeling so stupid and unbearably isolated. Thinking I was wasting my time and drunk, I left. But not before I sent SMS messages to L to tell her I was almost completely drunk. I managed to board a 124 bus to come back home

Monday, January 14, 2013

Beicho Kuchi-makase: You Have to Pay Now + How Asahi Reporters Conduct Interviews

数日前、朝日新聞のウェブサイトのレイアウトが変わっていた。10月から更新されていなかった「米朝 口まかせ」探してようやく見つかった。更新されていた!ただ、有料になっていて読めない。ずっと読むのを楽しんできたのに。「食と料理」もどこへ行ったのか。これも有料化だろうな、きっと。