Thursday, April 08, 2010

Williams Syndrome

Though “Musicophilia” did not strike me as strongly as, say, “The Noonday Demon,” I read its last chapter, “Emotion, Identity, and Music” with great interest. Especially, the parts that describe Williams syndrome, which I had never heard of and is truly extraordinary, and what magic music can demonstrate with demented people perhaps at the subcortical level are informative and even emotional.

The corrective work of bookcase boards continues. Yesterday one of the five boards under supervision was considered good enough and I put it back to where it should be. But the four others are not in shape yet. I am thinking about placing them under the subwoofer that is probably the heaviest standalone object here.


One of the CDs is damaged. No matter how carefully I clean it, when I play it, the sound skips. I know the same title is still available but with a different jacket design. I want to stick to the original. I should get an “ointment’ that cures disk damages.

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