Thursday, April 29, 2010

May I Quit Being Her Son?

Yesterday was the last day of a 3-day customer-service training session for a cosmetics company. For the last few hours, I was crying for more oxygen. Exhausted, I came out of the venue only to be wholly covered with an unbearable level of humidity. Even more tired though, I walked to T.B. through my old neighborhood of Beo Crescent to take MRT to go home.
After two small cans of beer, I decided to fix a simple pasta dinner. When the pasta was almost al dente by my standard, a call came from Japan. Oh no, it depressed me. Though I have been extra careful for using this word, the story was worse than dismaying. I may have to appreciate her honesty, but it was too much. I don’t understand what sort of mind she has in expressing her deep prejudice. Does she think I should agree with her? I must not agree. It profoundly troubled me to find such a prejudice was still alive in the mind of a person to whom I am supposed to feel strong affection. May I quit being her son? And an established pattern is that she changes her heart and mind drastically to disassociate herself from people and organizations that she originally seems to have had favored. “Soka” is an example I will never forget.


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