Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dreamy North Korean Movie in Singapore

I haven’t seen the boy, my crying neighbor, for some days now. He does not seem to be staying here anymore though его мама does. Have you abandoned him?

After four unhappy nights, I think I slept ok. But the dream of this morning was quite odd as most are. It was a hill over there, colored light green like a pastel drawing and I saw at least one house on the slope, part of which, roof or wall, was painted in the pastel pink. I also saw a railway track much closer to me, left to right or right to left. In this fictional Singapore, I knew there were three railway companies; SMRT (SBS Transit didn’t come to my sub-mind), Keihan Railway (京阪電鉄) and North Korea. Miss Shimizu and I decided to go for a North Korean movie. Who invited whom for what movie is not clear at all. Inside a lift at an old building, presumably owned by the North Korean government, Miss Shimizu pressed “60.” Oh it is a high-rise. I don’t think the dream showed any part of this film we went to see. In a moment, I was at a market, perhaps inside the cinema, that sells drinks and snacks for movie goers. The market was the type I visited in Phnom Penh but much smaller. I bought a cold drink (I asked for a specific type of drink in Korean) from an auntie who manned the shop. Later, I was with my former boss and colleagues who, among other things, was evaluating my performance. The performance card said in Japanese, “Able to handle 'TODAY'” is a plus. Unwilling to act on his own, blah blah blah.”

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